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#15 wontfix GCC*: mri scripts (ar) must deal correctly with '+' in paths of input/output files bird bird

The paths must be quoted. This requires a better hack for the $(APPEND) invocations creating the script.

#18 fixed Implement support for .l and .y files bird bird

.l is flex input and spits out a .c file. While .y is for yacc/bison and spits out and (yacc) in the current directory. Since the .y files generate headers, they must be executed before any object files are made as it's not possible to predict which depends on the generated header and which doesn't. The name of the .h file should be configurable, but the default should use the input filename sans extension. Because yacc cannot control where it puts the output or what it's called, the rule has to be added to .NOTPARALLEL.

#6 fixed Make it possible to install kBuild in the traditional unix fashion bird bird

Install the binaries to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. Find kBuild make scripts in /usr/[local/]shared/kBuild by default using a builtin default PATH_KBUILD.

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