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#73 fixed kmk: Add generic loop functions $(for ) and $(while ). bird bird

$(for init,condition,next,body) The init part is evaluate up front (no extra expansion). The condition part is a kmk-expression and is evaluate before each iteration. The body is expanded and added to the output, the output from each iteration is separated by a space. The next part is evaluated at the end of each iteration (no extra expansion).

$(while condition,body - Similar to $(for ) with empty init and next.

#74 fixed kmk: $(select whenN-cond, whenN-body...) bird bird

Simple multiple condition statement borrowed from REXX (yet again). Test whenN-cond and expand the whenN-body of the first which holds true. If all are false, the empty string is returned. Special condition strings for the sake of tradition: default, default:, otherwise}}}, and otherwise.

#75 fixed kmk: $(root name...) function bird bird

$(root name...) will extract the root specifier from the given names. Useful for checking whether a file name is an absolute path or not on Windows and OS/2.

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