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#61 wontfix kBuild: pass ordering isn't strict enough bird bird

Revert the Etherboot-src SUBDIR change (r38874) in src/VBox/Devices/Makefile.kmk and try build OSE on a 4+ core box. The library pass will start before the bld progs have been linked.

#91 fixed kObjCache: leaves trailing zero char at end of precompile file bird bird

Frequently happens when compiling whoppers like soapC-20.cpp.

#127 fixed kmh_redirect: Corrupted environment after unsetting environment variable dmik

On OS/2, unsetting an existing environment variable with -E 'VAR=' will kill e.g. the PATH setting. The following test shows this (assumes LANG is set):

kmk_redirect.exe -E 'LANG' -- cmd /c 'echo PATH=%PATH% & echo LANG=%LANG%'

This is a regression of r2699. The problem is that the EMX implementation of putenv forbids free-ing (or somehow reusing) strings passed to it.

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