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#66 fixed unneeded inclusion of sys/acl.h bird Alessio Cassibba (X-Drum)

kmk needs sys/acl.h to build (included in: src/kmk/kmkbuiltin/mv.c) but actually acl functionality is only used in fastcopy().

In addition fastcopy is only compiled when CROSS_DEVICE_MOVE is defined.

Initial patch credit goes to Christian Authmann (comment #2):

#67 fixed qt4.kmk: missing cleanups bird bird

Check that everything is cleaned up properly, apparently the qtmoc, qtuic, qtrcc and qtnls directories aren't cleaned up.

#68 invalid BLD_TYPE: Figure out why tstAsmStructsGC gets -S from VBOXGC bird bird

We override .release in VBOXGCEXE, so the question is why we get the VBOXGC.strict and not VBOXGCEXE.strict.

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