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#59 fixed kmk: $(commands ) makes $+ == $^ bird bird

set_file_variables is called once too much.

#60 fixed kmk: .MUST_MAKE - hook for forcing a file to be made bird bird

This is a new feature from the GNU Make TODO list that I've take a shot at because it will come in handy to deal with the $(commands ) mess/load.

The feature works like this, .MUST_MAKE is a target variable which will be looked for when a file is being considered for make but none of the prereqs requires it to be made. It is expanded in a limited file context, that means that $+, $, $? and $| are not readily available and weird stuff may yet happen because of VPATH. If .MUST_MAKE expands to a non-zero string after stripping, it will force the file to be made. Otherwise the file won't be made on its account at least.

#61 wontfix kBuild: pass ordering isn't strict enough bird bird

Revert the Etherboot-src SUBDIR change (r38874) in src/VBox/Devices/Makefile.kmk and try build OSE on a 4+ core box. The library pass will start before the bld progs have been linked.

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