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#56 fixed kmk: $(intersects set-a,set-b) (boolean predicate) bird bird

Title says all except that the sets are space separated.

#57 fixed kmk/kBuild: rename footer.kmk output variables like $(target)_OBJS_ bird bird

The variables set by footer.kmk in pass two will be named $(target)_2_BLAH. The ones set by footer.kmk in pass 1 will be named $(target)_1_BLAH. The variables set by subfooter.kmk and subheader.kmk will be named $(target)_0_BLAH. This will help avoiding confusion wrt when they are safe to use and when second expansion is required.

Other variables:

  • $(target)_OUTPUT_
  • $(target)_OUTPUT_MAYBE_
  • $(target)_DEPEND_
  • $(target)_DEPORD_

Already official ones that may be considered for renaming to the new scheme:

  • PATH_$(target)
  • INSTARGET_$(target)
  • TARGET_$(target)

The old values that are *known* to be in use will kick around until 0.3.0, starting with 0.2.1 kBuild will bitch about them.

#58 fixed kmk: if $(VAR) != $(VAR) bird bird

Bug in new if expressions, can reference a variable without using double quotes.

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