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Welcome to the JFS Project on Netlabs

The Journaling File System Installable File System Driver for OS/2

This is the development home for the JFS IFS that is distributed by Arca Noae.

Although similar in name, this project is completely separate from any other JFS projects which may be on Netlabs or elsewhere. It is not a modified version of any of those projects, and has not been derived from any of those project. As such, it may or may not be compatible with the code from any of the other JFS projects.


Please see the Arca Noae User Support page.

Submitting Tickets

Support for end users is provided at Arca Noae Support.

Source Code

The license on this source code for this project requires that it remain closed.


  • eCo Software
  • Pavel (pasha) Shtemenko
  • Steven Levine
  • David Azarewicz