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Java for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems

Java is a very popular sophisticated programming environment. Applications written in the Java language are run inside a virtual machine (Java Virtual Machine, JVM) which provides a nearly identical behavior on all platforms that have a JVM implementation available. This "write once, run anywhere" approach means that developers can support a multitude of platforms while only having to maintain one code base. For users, availability of a current Java for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems means access to a huge number of existing applications.

For more information about Java, read this article about Java in Wikipedia.

Previously, Java had been made available for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems by IBM, Golden Code and Innotek. However, new versions with many changes and improvements have been released since then and current applications require a current JVM implementation. This project will port such a current JVM to OS/2 and OS/2-based systems. Dmitriy Kuminov, who is well-known for his work on the Qt 3 and 4 ports, has been hired as chief developer.

This project aims at porting the open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition, known as OpenJDK, to the OS/2 operating system. You can get more information about OpenJDK and related projects at the official OpenJDK home page.



To start the project, partial funding was already provided by several companies and individuals, with Mensys BV being the main sponsor. But we still needed to cover an amount of 8,000 EUR. At the 24th November 2011 we reached that goal and could release Java GA.


To have the project updated in a regular timeframe, we need more sponsoring.
If you are interested in sponsoring Java please contact bww bitwise works GmbH (info at bitwiseworks dot com) directly or buy sponsoring units. Such units can be purchased at bww bitwise works GmbH.

The sponsor link is:

Sponsoring Barometer

Java GA

last update at 24th November 2011

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Java Milestone GA2

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what was done for this Milestone: GA2

Java Milestone GA3

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Java Milestone GA4 and up (including all Firefox sponsoring)

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what was planned for this Milestones:

Beta screenshot.

Current Status and History

We finished to work on Milestone GA5.


  • As of the 31th of December 2012, the project has entered the GA4 stage.
  • As of the 21th of July 2012, the project has entered the GA3 stage.
  • As of the 19th of March 2012, the project has entered the GA2 stage.
  • As of the 27th of June 2011, the project has entered the GA (general availability) stage.

Latest Version

The latest version of OpenJDK 6 is 1.6.0 Build 27 GA5 released on 17.02.2013. This is an official build intended for general use. This build brings the latest version of OpenJDK 6 from Oracle and a bunch of OS/2 specific fixes including several important fixes for AWT applications and the fix for printing from Java applications (courtesy of the new Odin 0.8.9 build).

The more detailed list of changes can be found here.

Version 1.6.0 Build 27 GA5 is available for downloading in the following packages and formats.


kLIBC 0.6.5 Runtime LibraryWPIkLIBC runtime libraries needed for all Odin installations (required).
GCC 4 Runtime LibrariesWPIGCC 4 runtime libraries are needed for all Odin installations.
Odin Runtime LibrariesZIPOdin32 runtime libraries version 0.8.9 is needed for all OpenJDK packages.
xsystray widgetWPIExtended system tray widget for XCenter/eCenter version 0.1.1 is needed to support system tray functionality in Java applications.

If you use the YUM/RPM package manager, you may install all the prerequisities (except xsystray) using the following command:

yum install libc libgcc446 libodin

OpenJDK Packages

OpenJDK 6 JREZIPJRE package needed to run Java programs.
OpenJDK 6 SDKZIPSDK package needed to compile Java programs.

IcedTea-Web packages

IcedTea-Web packages are listed on a separate page.

Source Code

If you want to play with the latest development version, you can check it out directly from the SVN repository. In order to do so you need to download and install the subversion client for OS/2 and OS/2-based systems. Use the following command to check out the full source tree to a <local_directory>:

svn checkout <local_directory>

The required tools and build instructions are described in the README file.

Reporting Bugs

Reporting bugs and requesting new features is done through the ticket system. You can view existing tickets, add comments to them and create new tickets using the corresponding buttons at the top of every page. If you want to submit a new bug or request a feature, please use the Search function first to make sure there is no ticket for this task already created.
We review the tickets regularly and leave comments if we need more info. So please revisit the Feedback analysis as often as possible. If we leave some comment on a ticket and don't get feedback from the ticket creator, the ticket will be closed some weeks later.

Anonymous access to the ticket system has been restricted due to multiple attacks of stupid spammers we've been suffering from lately. In order to create a new ticket or comment the existing one, you need to login with your Netlabs login ID. If you do not have a login ID, you can request one at We are sorry for any inconvenience, but at the present time this is the only way to avoid extremely annoying spam.

Some words about Odin

Yes our Java6 is Odin based. But it's not like the Odinized Java 1.4, which took the Windows DLL and EXE.
Odin based means that we build everything natively from the Win32 source code and don't use any Windows DLLs at all. Of course, we use Odin DLLs that implement Win32 GUI controls on top of PM (among other things). But as Odin is also built natively we consider our Java6 project as a native port.
More over, building from Win32 sources natively lets us apply fixes and improvements to the original application which would be not possible with the Odinized approach.

List of working applications

Recent changes

Nov 18, 2012


  • Silvan Scherrer (management)
  • Dmitriy Kuminov (development)
  • Christian Hennecke (initial PR)
  • Mensys BV (most funding)
  • OS/2 Voice (biggest sponsor beside Mensys)
  • (hosting & support)
  • Sun, Oracle

We also want to thank all individuals and organizations who made donations to this project and helped to make it happen.


Beta screenshot.

Total Validator version 6.12 basic with results projected in Firefox 4.0.1 NDNoise version 0.4 with screen layout of the Fast button Arachnophilia version 5.4 with tip of the day

LAoE (Layer-based Audio Editor) version 0.7.06 on eCS

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