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    4343||[ GR's Image Processor (GRIP)]||Version 11.6.1 ||[ Link ]|| GRIP was originally designed to stack together astronomical photos taken with a digital SLR camera on a fixed tripod from a light-polluted urban site so that as much faint detail as possible could be seen. Since it started in 2001 it has grown to be a comprehensive image processing and measurement tool that can also be used for working with professional images, such as from space projects, to be found on the Internet.  ||General Public Licence (GPL) with an important exclusion ||||
    4444||[ Niffler image viewer]||Version 2007.08.06 ||[ Link ]|| Niffler is a simple image viewer and browser. The slideshow and navigation commands automatically include images in subdirectories, which can be a great help when searching or browsing a large or deeply-nested image collection. If you like pixel-peeping at magnified images, you might enjoy the fast 2D mouse-dragging option, much more convenient than the traditional scrollbars. The current version of the program also displays image EXIF data and includes several image editing commands. ||Freeware ||||
     45||[ Simple Image Editing Tool]||Version 0.1.0 ||[ Link ]|| SIET, the Simple Image Editing Tool, is a simple-to-use, handy and free application for such tasks as resizing, cropping, retouching, watermarking, etc... Batch processing is also provided. ||GNU-LGPL ||||
    4546== Multimedia ==