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    4242||[ JPO Java Picture Organizer]||Version 0.9 ||[ Link ]|| JPO is a program that helps you organise your digital pictures by putting them in collections. You can browse, reorganise and find your pictures in the collections. It doesn't mess with pictures on your disk; they stay where they are and how they are. JPO can generate webpages for you and you can use it to tidy up your picture directories.  ||GPL license. ||||
    4343||[ GR's Image Processor (GRIP)]||Version 11.6.1 ||[ Link ]|| GRIP was originally designed to stack together astronomical photos taken with a digital SLR camera on a fixed tripod from a light-polluted urban site so that as much faint detail as possible could be seen. Since it started in 2001 it has grown to be a comprehensive image processing and measurement tool that can also be used for working with professional images, such as from space projects, to be found on the Internet.  ||General Public Licence (GPL) with an important exclusion ||||
     44||[ Niffler image viewer]||Version 2007.08.06 ||[ Link ]|| Niffler is a simple image viewer and browser. The slideshow and navigation commands automatically include images in subdirectories, which can be a great help when searching or browsing a large or deeply-nested image collection. If you like pixel-peeping at magnified images, you might enjoy the fast 2D mouse-dragging option, much more convenient than the traditional scrollbars. The current version of the program also displays image EXIF data and includes several image editing commands. ||Freeware ||||
    4545== Multimedia ==