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Applications using FORTRAN/TK


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    2828== Applications using FORTRAN/TK ==
    30 == References ==
     30Here's a list of all bigger programs that use FORTRAN/TK as far as I know. If you wrote or know another one, please let me know.
     32 * [ Canabis, the Open Source Canasta card-game]
     33 * As a project in my engineering course at school, I'm working on a program that's capable of capturing a photo containing several Lego robots each marked with two circles of the same color and of different size. The program can distinguish the robots and calculate their correct position, their angle compared to the photos bottom and their direction. It is planned to be possible to navigate a robot to a given position. It uses the Video for Windows subsystem to control the webcam so it doesn't run on OS/2. I'll maybe release the source code sometime if there are no copyright problems. It's anyway unlikely that someone is going to continue it at school.
     34 * FORTRAN/TK includes two major [source:/trunk/examples sample applications]. One of them is a simple calculator and another one is a notepad-like text editor.
     36== Further information ==
    3238Currently there is no complete FORTRAN/TK documentation and guide but there are a number of files and homepages you should check out if you do want to write your own FORTRAN/TK programs.