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     1= DevelopersFAQ =
     3Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about development of FM/2.  If you have
     5a question not answered on this page, you can ask it at
     13== Trouble Shooting == #trouble-shooting
     15=== How to find the source code for a trap? ===
     17The OpenWatcom maps does not provide the source line detail that the VAC
     18maps provided, so the procedure for locating the trapping source code line
     19changes a bit, but it's still reasonable easy.
     21Grab the object:offset value for the failing cs:eip from popuplog.os2.
     23Sort the memory map section of
     25FInd the function containing the trapping object:offset value.
     27Calculate the offset from the function start to the object:offset value.
     29Determine the source file for the function containing the trapping
     34wdis -l -s filename.obj
     36where filename is the source file base name. This will create
     39Find the failing function in filename.lst
     41Find the calculated offset.
     43This is the line that trapped.
     45There will be labels of the form L$289. These are relative to the
     46function start so it's easy to find the matching source code in filename.c
     48=== When the trap is in the watcom libraries, how can I trace it back to the actual call in the source? ===
     50For this you need a trap dump file. Then you can let pmdf do the work.  You need my to convert the
     51Watcom map file to something pmdf can use.  To get my, you can contact me at
     53Steven H. Levine[[BR]]
     56You can also use the Watcom debugger. It can give you a call trace too.