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#14 Use NDFS32 toolkit to better integrate ND in FM2 new enhancement major
#15 Get FM2 to recognize and write to writable CD and DVD drives new enhancement major
#101 Enhance number of files handled by drag and drop new enhancement major
#146 Scroll wheel and arrows on scroll bars don't work in container with large number of files > 32,000 new enhancement major
#173 Profile FM/2 to identify code bottlenecks for optimization - ongoing new task major
#16 Add search for directory or filter by directory new enhancement minor
#17 Enhance Seek and Scan to support multiple select drops new enhancement minor
#45 Use RWS to get WPS association icons for files in containers assigned Gregg Young enhancement minor
#66 Enhance install-time file association selection options assigned John Small enhancement minor
#69 Scrolling in NAME and TEXT views new enhancement minor
#84 Keys used for accessing the clipboard new task minor
#88 Rework key assignments to match CUA standards new enhancement minor
#95 Populate help table and implement full context sensitive help assigned Gregg Young enhancement minor
#108 Allow fm/2 to run from read-only media (i.e. cd-rom) new enhancement minor
#142 User-customizable use of Idle class priority new enhancement minor
#195 Add relative directory support to archiver new enhancement minor
#203 Add option to order filter list in LRU order. assigned Steven Levine enhancement minor
#232 Provide the user better control over default presparams for default directory containers. new enhancement minor
#30 Allow user selectable bitmaps for container backgrounds new enhancement trivial
#40 Allow owner drawn icons for + and - in containers new enhancement trivial
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