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(edit) @751   13 years Steven Levine Sync rest of code with CNRITEM mods Sync code with ARCITEM mods Get …
(edit) @739   13 years Steven Levine More ticket #24 updates
(edit) @738   13 years Steven Levine Sync with current naming standards
(edit) @731   13 years Steven Levine Correct ticket 24 pointer errors for Gregg
(edit) @730   14 years Gregg Young Preliminary work on variable sized container buffers. Removes …
(edit) @689   14 years Steven Levine Commit OpenWatcom? compatibility updates
(edit) @574   14 years Gregg Young Use QWL_USER; Replace doesn't move the command and Okay on cmd dialog …
(edit) @552   14 years Gregg Young font cleanup; new image and archiver masks; messages moved to string …
(edit) @551   14 years Gregg Young Indentation cleanup
(edit) @517   14 years root Correct . and .. detect
(edit) @378   14 years root Use RuntimeError2
(edit) @350   14 years root Use Runtime_Error
(edit) @239   15 years root Avoid Expand/Collapse? hangs while working
(edit) @224   16 years root More 64-bit math fixes
(edit) @206   16 years root Drop obsoletes
(edit) @176   16 years root More large file formatting updates
(edit) @153   16 years root Rework for CNRITEM.szSubject Use ULONGLONG and CommaFmtULL
(edit) @91   17 years root Avoid VAC \ after bug (wierd), Correct minor typos, Total drives …
(edit) @54   18 years root Use CBLIST_TO_EASIZE
(edit) @51   18 years root Standardize EA match
(edit) @36   18 years root Handle large partitions
(add) @2   18 years root Initial revision
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