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May 13, 2007, 8:55:09 PM (13 years ago)
John Small
  • Updated to reflect changes in FM2.WIS.IN. (This file is

being kept up-to-date with FM2.WIS.IN so that those who
cannot build FM/2 from sources can still create a WPI
file from a ZIP archive. Eventually this file will be
deleted from SVN and FM2.WIS will be created by a SED
operation on FM2.WIS.IN.)

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  • trunk/warpin/fm2.wis

    r678 r681  
    6161  DEEXECUTE="$(1)\cfgmgr /DEINSTALL /UNATTENDED"
    6262  DEEXECUTE="$(1)\utilsmgr /DELETE /UNATTENDED"
    63   DEEXECUTE="del $(1)\fm3.ini & del $(1)\fm3ini.bak"
    138137shown in braces <> are required).  The .CMD utilities may be directly
    139138inspected using a text editor and are commented as to use and function.
    140 It's recommended that you place these utilities into a directory on your
    141 PATH (type HELP PATH at a command prompt if you don't know what that
    142 means).  If you have FM/2 installed, may I suggest you make a UTILS
    143 directory off your FM/2 directory (the FM/2 INSTALL.CMD assumes you
    144 will, and will make some program objects for you)?
     140It's recommended that you install these utilities into a directory on
     141your PATH or, if you already have FM/2 installed, into a UTILS subdirectory
     142off of your FM/2 installation directory. This will allow FM/2 to find
     143and use these utilities. (If you are not familiar with the term "PATH",
     144type HELP PATH at a command prompt.)
    146146These utilities are standalone, meaning that one doesn't rely on
    150150If you like the FM/2 Utilities package, you'll love FM/2.  File
    151 Manager/2 (FM/2) is a shareware OS/2 2.1+ PM 32-bit
     151Manager/2 (FM/2) is a freeware OS/2 (warp)/ eCS PM 32-bit
    152152file/directory/archive maintenance utility (a sort of super-Drives
    153153object, something midway between the Drives objects and a more
    157157software to do so.  If you know how to use OS/2, you already know how to
    158158use most of FM/2.  You can easily glean the rest from the extensive
    159 online help.  FM/2 is available from (/g/os2utl), from
    160 Compuserve's OS2SHARE (OS2BVEN) forum (GO OS2SHARE) in library 18, and
    161 from finer OS/2 BBSs everywhere.
     159online help.  FM/2 is available from or
     160 (initially in /incoming/fm2 moving to /pub/fm2)
    485484  CREATEOBJECT="WPShadow|History (Shadow)|<FM3_Docs>|SHADOWID=$(1)\docs\history;OBJECTID=<FM2HistoryShadow>;"
    486485  CREATEOBJECT="WPProgram|Read Me|<FM3_Docs>|EXENAME=E.EXE;PROGTYPE=PM;PARAMETERS=$(1)\docs\readme;OBJECTID=<FM3Readme>;"
    487   CREATEOBJECT="WPProgram|Customizing^Resources|<FM3_Docs>|EXENAME=E.EXE;PROGTYPE=PM;PARAMETERS=$(1)\docs\customizingresources.txt;OBJECTID=<FM3CustRes>;"
    488486  CREATEOBJECT="WPProgram|FM/2 Utils Doc|<FM2_Utilities>|EXENAME=E.EXE;PROGTYPE=PM;PARAMETERS=$(7)\fm2utils.doc;OBJECTID=<FM2UtilsDoc>;"
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