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May 13, 2007, 7:13:56 PM (13 years ago)
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  • Changed the installation information to reflect the new WarpIN install.
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    r422 r676  
    11:h2 res=100110 id='PANEL_INSTALL'.
    22Installation Instructions
    3 :p.First&endash.time installation&colon.
    4 .br
    5 &endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.
    6 .br
    7 1&per. Unpack the FM2&asterisk.&per.ZIP archive in a private directory &lpar.for example&comma.
    8 C&colon.&bsl.FM2&rpar.&per.  UNZIP&per.EXE works nicely to unpack the file&per.
    9 :p.  2&per.  Run the provided INSTALL&per.CMD in that directory to build a folder
    10 and program objects&per.  INSTALL &slash.? will give you simple command line
    11 help on a couple of options&per.
    12 :p.  3&per.  Run it &endash.&endash. double& the "FM&slash.2" or
    13 "FM&slash.2 Lite" object in the File Manager&slash.2 folder&per.
    14 Play&comma. browse&comma. have fun&per.  Full help is
    15 available from within the program&comma. and it helps you with quick
    16 initial setup the first time it&apos.s run&per.
    17 :p.Upgrading existing versions of FM&slash.2&colon.
    18 .br
    19 &endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.&endash.
    20 .br
    21       If upgrading&comma. just unpack the files in the FM&slash.2 directory&per.
    22 Be sure to overwrite old files&per.  You might want to skip ARCHIVER&per.BB2
    23 & deleting ARCHIVER&per.TMP prior to running INSTALL&comma.
    24 if you& customized it &endash.&endash. other customizations are
    25 automatically preserved&per.  You might then want to rerun INSTALL or just delete
    26 &asterisk.&per.TMP and &asterisk.&per.ICO to clean up some stuff that you
    27 won&apos.t need when upgrading&per.  Note&colon.  don&apos.t attempt to unpack using FM&slash.2
    28 into the directory in which FM&slash.2 is already running &endash.&endash.
    29 OS&slash.2 locks in&endash.use files and the upgrade won&apos.t be completed properly&semi. not all files
    30 will be unpacked&per.
     5:li.WarpIN version 0.9.20 or newer must be installed.
     8:p.First-time installation or upgrading FM/2&colon.
     11:li.Install (or re-install) from a FM/2 ZIP file distribution
     13:li.Unpack the FM2&asterisk.&per.ZIP archive in a private directory &lpar.for example&comma.
     14C&colon.&bsl.FM2&rpar.&per.  (UNZIP&per.EXE works nicely to unpack the file&per.)
     15Two WPI files, FM2&asterisk.&per.WPI and FM2UTILS&asterisk.&per.WPI will be unzipped.
     16:li.Follow the instructions for installing from WPI files below.
     19:li.Install (or re-install) from a FM/2 WPI file distribution
     21:li.If upgrading an existing FM/2, be sure to exit/close any running instances of FM/2 and its utility programs.
     22:li.Open the WPS folder containing the WPI file(s).
     23:li.Double click on FM2*.WPI. Since WarpIN associates itself
     24with WPI files this will start WarpIN with FM2*.WPI as the
     27If you double click on FM2UTILS*.WPI instead of
     28FM2*.WPI, you will only be able to install the FM/2
     29Utilities. It is recommended that, even if you only want to
     30install FM/2 Utilities, that you do so using FM2*.WPI.
     31:li.You may then install FM/2 to a directory of your choice
     32and, if FM2UTILS*.WPI is present, install FM/2 Utilities to
     33a directory of your choice.
     37:h3 res=100120 name=PANEL_UNINSTALL.
     38De-installing FM&slash.2
     39:p.De-installing FM/2 and/or FM/2 Utilities&colon.
     41:li.Exit/close any running instances of FM/2 and its utilities.
     42:li.Run Warpin without parameters.
     43:li.Right click on the package you want to de-install and
     44select "de-install all packages".
     45:li.Click on OK in the "De-install Packages" window that
     47:li.Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you want to de-install both packages.
    3150:h3 res=100115 name=PANEL_MOVING.
    3251Moving FM&slash.2
    33       Rerun INSTALL&per.CMD if you move the FM&slash.2 directory&per.  This will
    34 make sure all the objects in the folders and &asterisk.&per.CMD files point to
    35 the right place&per.  Compare to other products&comma. where&apos.d you&apos.d
    36 have to reinstall if you could only figure out how to completely uninstall
    37 the existing version&per.&per.&per. Remember to update config&per.sys if you have
    38 added the FM2 or Utils directory to your paths or have set an FM2 INI file name&per.
    39 :h3 res=100120 name=PANEL_UNINSTALL.
    40 Uninstalling FM&slash.2
    41       If you later decide to remove FM&slash.2&comma. run UNINSTAL&per.CMD in
    42 the FM&slash.2 directory and follow simple directions&per.  Both installation and
    43 deinstallation are no&endash.brainers&per.  UNINSTAL will help you quickly
    44 and easily remove all traces of FM&slash.2 from your system&comma. if you
    45 don&apos.t like it for some reason&per.  All programs should be so nice&per.
     52:p.Moving FM&slash.2 and/or FM&slash.2 Utilities&colon.
     54:li.To preserve any customizations you may have made, copy your existing installation directory to the new
     56:li.If you have added your own icons to any of the FM/2
     57folders, then you should move them elsewhere temporarily.
     58:li.Follow the instructions for
     59:link reftype=hd res=100120.
     60de-installing FM/2 and/or FM/2 Utilities
     62:li.Re-install to the new location using the
     63:link reftype=hd res=100110.
     64installation instructions above
     66&per. This will update the WarpIN database and
     67reset your icons to the new locations.
     68:li.Move the icons you saved in step #2, back into the FM/2
     69folders if you wish.
    4772:h3 res=100125 name=PANEL_FIRSTTIME.
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