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EverBlue is an effort to port the X-Library to the OS/2 Presention Manager (PM). Until now people need XFree86/OS2 to run applications like GIMP on OS/2. For sure XFree86/OS2 is a great thing but it is running fullscreen which is not that comfortable.

The XWindow Library represent the Unix/Linux? counterpart of the OS/2 PM API, every Unix GUI application uses it. Getting a version of this library working on top of PM will let your existing XWindow applications run side by side with your native OS/2 applications on your OS/2 desktop. Of course there will be some limitations (most notably XWindow apps when running on Everblue will always run locally, if you need to run remote applications you can still use the great OS/2 port of the official XWindow system, XFree86/OS2).

EverBlue is under development for a long time now and it might look like nothing happens. This is not true, the team did some very nice progress. It will still take a while until EverBlue? is ready for primetime but we think it is worth the effort.

For sure we can still need more OS/2 developers, if you are interested in supporting EverBlue? development you should join the Mailinglist and ask how you can help. We are using CVS to keep our sourcecode up to date. If you want to have a look at it, download NOSA and get the current EverBlue? Source.

Ongoing development

Everblue is being made aware of multiple processes and threads accessing it concurrently, and remaining bugs are hunted down.


We must still implement some seldomly used X11 functions, make all functions respect all GC (graphics context) parameters, and add support for the common X11 extensions.


Everblue LibZIP 2001-05-21 X11.dll and X11pmhk.dll
GIMPWPI2003-04-06The GIMP
PresentationPDF2004-11-29Everblue Presentation
Dev Snapshots

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  • C. Langankes
  • Sebastian Wittmeier