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The "Enhanced Folding Text Editor 2" (eFTE2 or eFTE/2) is a feature-packed text editor with syntax highlighting available both in PM and VIO versions for OS/2-based systems, and also for Win32 and Linux.


eFTE/2 PM Screenshot

eFTE/2 VIO Screenshot

Current Release

eFTE/2 InstallerWPI1.0.0 Stable version, WPI format


Open source under the GNU GPL license or the Artistic License.


If anyone was left out, it was unintentional. Please drop a note at the mailing lists.

Current Author

  • Gregg Young

Earlier Authors

  • Marko Macek
  • Michael Greene
  • Jeremy Cowgar
  • Lauri Nurmi
  • Timo Sirainen


  • F.Jalvingh
  • Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer
  • Martin Frydl
  • S.Pinigin
  • Zednek Kabelac
  • Don Mahurin
  • Lothar Schmidt
  • Michael DeBusk
  • Timo Maier

Direct Contributors to eFTE2

  • John Small (much of the WarpIN packaging code)
  • Steven Levine (eCS/OS2/ArcaOS HOME support and problem solving assistance)
  • Alfredo Fernández Díaz (documentation & testing)
  • Lewis Rosenthal (testing)

Mailing Lists

As of November, 2017, two mailing lists have been created for eFTE2: one for users, and one for developers.

To subscribe to the developer list:

To subscribe to the user list:

Send email to: efte-user-on AT 2rosenthals DOT com and reply to the confirmation email.

Send email to: efte-dev-on AT 2rosenthals DOT com and reply to the confirmation email.

Web archives of lists are available here:

Previous incarnations

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