wiki:Building eFTE2 by Alfredo Fernández Díaz

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Building on OS/2-based platforms

(without modifying a thing)


To build eFTE2 on ArcaOS, OS/2, or eCS you will need:

  • A subversion client. Paul Smedley's SVN port, still at version 1.7.21 as of December 2017, works for me.
  • The source code for eFTE2. It is available here at Netlabs
  • Some text editor. I use eFTE2 itself.
  • Open Watcom 1.9 or newer. Check We have a newer beta here at Netlabs. This builds the EXE files.
  • PMPrintF at %PMPRINTFDIR% or the default U:\PMPrintF. This adds some debugging stuff to the EXEs.
  • A working Perl environment. I installed mine, a RPM packaged version, with ANPM. This will create .map files for the EXEs.
  • MapXQS from ExceptQ 7.1 by Steven H. Levine. This will create .XQS files from the .map ones to further help debugging.
  • LxLite from the same place, or Hobbes (but I use Steve's one for this project). This will cute the size of linear OS/2 EXE (LX) files roughly in half.

It might be possible to build it with other tools, but I'd rather devote time to get shit done (tm). The PERL requirement almost drove me off, for reasons unrelated to this project. Just drop me a note and we can find out together.

What to do

Once you have all of the above up and running, the process is as simple as ChDiring to trunk/src in your local copy of the SVN source, and issuing the command "wmake". This defaults to the first target in the makefile, which will generate efte.exe, and eftepm.exe, along with their .map and .xqs symbol files.

Building on other platforms (Win32)

This is work in progress. To be updated as I find out myself ;)