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    219219A simple graphical user interface known as the eCups printer wizard (or "CUPSWIZ" for short) is now available for beta testing.  It is highly recommended to try using this tool first, especially if you are new to eCups, as it automates most of the complicated stuff for you.
    221 You can find it at along with more information and some screenshots.
     221The eCups printer wizard is available for install via WPI, along with the other CUPS components:, or at (along with some information and screenshots).
    223223Note that this program still has a few significant limitations - in particular, printers are always created with default job properties.  If you create a printer using this interface, you may wish to use the CUPS web interface afterwards, to check the defaults and adjust them as needed (and do the same in the WPS printer object as well).
    438438If your printer model isn't shown in the list here, but ''was'' listed in CUPS, it means that the PPD for that printer was not pre-imported into the ECUPS (or ECUPS-HP) driver.
    440 If you are adventurous and/or technically inclined, you can try to import the PPD file yourself, using the `PIN.EXE` utility included with the driver files (assuming that you already installed the printer in CUPS, the PPD file can be found under `\cups\etc\cups\ppd`).
     440If you're running eComStation 2.''x'', you can use the InstPDR (printer driver import utility) to import a CUPS PPD into the ECUPS driver.  Assuming that you already installed the printer in CUPS, the PPD file can be found under `\cups\etc\cups\ppd`. 
     442If InstPDR is not available, the adventurous and/or technically inclined user can try to import the PPD file manually, using the `PIN.EXE` utility included with the driver files.  '''However''', you will have to 'clean up' the PPD using the [ CleanPPD] script before you can import it (if you don't do this, PIN may simply fail to import the PPD, or else you may end up with strange errors or crashes when trying to print). 
    442444Alternatively, you can simply select "Generic !PostScript Printer" from the list.  This will prevent you from using the OS/2 Job Properties dialog to set print options from within applications — the default settings configured in the CUPS web interface will most likely always be used — but printing should more or less work.
     446(Note that using the eCups printer wizard (CUPSWIZ) will see all of this automated for you.  But, of course, if you were using CUPSWIZ you probably wouldn't need to be reading this section in the first place...)