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Dynamic Windows 2.4

Dynamic Windows 2.4 has been officially released! Binaries are now available for OS/2, Win32 and Win64. Source is available to build on Unix (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and more) using GTK2 or GTK3 and MacOS X 1.5 or higher using Cocoa.

Source and binaries are located on the Netlabs FTP server if not there yet check Incoming.

Changes from version 2.3:

  • Added support for MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Added fullscreen support on Mac for resizable windows on Lion.
  • Added UNICODE build mode on Windows allowing UTF-8 encoded text.

ANSI builds are supported by removing -DUNICODE -D_UNICODE and -DAEROGLASS

  • Added support for antialiased drawing on Windows via GDI+.
  • Added UNICODE build mode on OS/2 using codepage 1208 (UTF-8) as the

active codepage; Non-Unicode mode will use the default codepage.

  • Added support for Control-Click on Mac for button press events.
  • Added DW_POINTER() macro for casting parameters to (void *).
  • Added dw_box_unpack() and dw_box_unpack_at_index() for removing items

from boxes without destroying them. Also allows removal of padding.

  • Added GBM (Generalized Bitmap Module) support for OS/2 and eCS for loading

Non-OS/2 native file formats. GBM comes with eCS 1.2 and later. It is also available at

  • Added resizing HICNs to 24x24 max size on platforms which do not

do it automatically (Mac and GTK). OS/2 and Windows limit the size.

  • Added toolbar control support to replace existing bitmap buttons on Windows.
  • Added dw_filesystem_set_column_title() to fill a hole in localization.
  • Added new optional UTF-8 parameter to the key press callback.

This is a pointer to a UTF-8 string representing the key pressed. The buffer pointed to is only good for the duration of the callback.

  • Added UTF-8/Wide string conversion functions for Unicode buffer management.
  • Fixed dwindows-config --version not returning the version at all.
  • Fixed value changed events not working for spinbuttons on OS/2 and Windows.
  • Fixed issues drawing arcs on GTK2, GTK3 and Mac.
  • Fixed a crash in the color chooser on Mac running Lion.
  • Fixed a layout issue with render widgets on OS/2.
  • Fixed an expose event issue on OS/2.
  • Fixed an issue with GTK 3.4 due to properties being inherited from the parent.
  • Fixed issues with bitmap buttons using icon/pointers on OS/2 and Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with dw_window_destroy() on Mac.
  • Fixed issues rendering to printer pixmaps on Windows with GDI+ enabled.
  • Fixed dw_window_set_bitmap_from_data() prefering the resource ID

over the data passed in on most platforms.

  • Fixed dw_container_delete_row() failing and/or crashing on Mac.
  • Fixed memory and resource leaks on Windows and Mac.
  • Fixed incorrect display of status text fields on Mac 10.5 and 10.8.
  • Fixed compiler warnings on Mac 10.5 and 10.8 by checking selectors directly

and removing use of now deprecated APIs.

  • Fixed incorrect display of textured background non-resizable windows on Mac.
  • Updated the test program removing deprecated flags and using new ones.