Dynamic Windows

Dynamic Windows is an application framework that was designed to make it easy to create dynamic applications with a modern interface. It was modeled after the original GTK library on Unix. It uses the concept of box packing to create a dynamically resizable interface. Dynamic Windows is used by Mark Hessling's Rexx/DW package.

There are stable source modules for OS/2, Unix (with GTK), Win32 and MacOS X (Cocoa). 64bit builds are supported on all platforms except OS/2. The library has been tested on x86, amd64, ppc and sparc.

Widgets supported:

Dialogs supported:

  • File open/save
  • Directory chooser
  • Color chooser
  • Font chooser
  • Print
  • Messagebox
  • Custom dialogs

For more information on the concepts of box packing please see the GTK home page. If you want to checkout the source you can browse the Subversion repository maintained by Brian Smith and Mark Hessling, he also maintains Rexx/DW.

API documentation for Dynamic Windows is available at the DBSoft web site.


Windows 32 Bits ZIP2.5(2012/12/21)
Windows 64 Bits ZIP2.5(2012/12/21)

For older versions you can check the netlabs ftp directory.


You can check out full source code of the project with Subversion using the following URL:


This project is open source under the BSD license.


  • Brian Smith
  • Mark Hessling
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