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    2727Sorry, there are no official binary releases yet. There will be one soon when Canabis becomes "playable" - there are still some things missing from the basic "artificial intelligence" level.
    29 == Additional card and language packages ==
     29== Additional card & language packages ==
    3131For now, there are no card or language packages besides the packages included in the source archive or releases.
     33== Build instructions ==
     35If you do not want to use a precompiled release of Canabis or you want to have the latest version or whatever, you can of course build your own one.
     36You will need the following list of tools and libraries:[[BR]]
     37 * !OpenWatcom FORTRAN/77 (v.1.5 recommended but earlier versions may work, too):[[BR]]
     38 [[BR]]
     39   To compile FORTRAN/TK you'll also need the !OpenWatcom C compiler
     40 * OS/2 and Windows binaries of Cook (including CMDSHELL):[[BR]]
     41 [[BR]]
     42   I use Cook as a powerful make replacement.
     43 * Resource Compiler:[[BR]]
     44   OS/2 Developers Toolkit (OS/2 Warp) or WRC from !OpenWatcom FORTRAN/77 NT version (Windows)
     45 * FORTRAN/TK (fortrantk.lib, include files and runtime libraries):[[BR]]
     47 * TECO editor (TECOC):[[BR]]
     49   Har, har, har...
     50 * PKZIP compatible ZIP, eg. Info-ZIP (if you want to create a zip package):[[BR]]
     53Be sure to install everything propely. Cook, TECO, Zip and the Resource Compiler should be in your PATH/LIBPATH. You need a compiled fortrantk.lib in your Canabis source directory and make sure that the FORTRAN/TK root directory is in your FINCLUDE-variable (FORTRAN/TK programs share some include files with the library). You also need the FORTRAN/TK runtime DLLs in the Canabis root to actually run the binary. You can find them under "fortrantk\examples\binos2\runtime" and "fortrantk\examples\binwin\runtime". Under Windows you need the Tk-library directory "fortrantk\examples\lib" one level under the Canabis directory (will be fixed someday). If you have problems try reading the FORTRAN/TK readme.
     55Now you should be able to "cook" Canabis with the following command on the command prompt. Read the [[source:/trunk/Howto.cook Howto.cook]] file for more information about possible variables and targets:
     57 cook -book Howto.cook -no-list
    3360== Contact ==