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Welcome to AiR-BOOT

AiR-BOOT is a boot-manager that is small and yet contains a load of interesting features.
It was developed by Martin Kiewitz and the first versions appeared around 2002.
The last version released by Martin was v1.06.

With the introduction of newer Windows versions (Vista/7), that use their own ~100MB boot-partition,
problems occured when using IBM Boot Manager, the default boot-manager supplied with eComStation.
Also the introduction of huge harddisks (>502GiB) caused incompatibility issues.

While the v1.06 version of AiR-BOOT could almost be used as a replacement for the aging IBM-BM,
a couple of things needed to be fixed.

This was done upon the v1.06 code-base resulting in v1.07.
With the release of eComStation v2.1, AiR-BOOT replaces IBM Boot Manager.

AiR-BOOT is in active development to enhance it's functionality and user experience.
It's goal is to have all operating-systems, great-and-small, peacefully live together on your disks.