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    1 = Welcome to AiR-BOOT =
     1= AirBoot =
    3 AiR-BOOT is a '''boot-manager''' that is small and yet contains a load of interesting features.[[BR]]
    4 It was developed by Martin Kiewitz and the first versions appeared around 2002.
     3== Description ==
     4Martin Kiewitz Boot Manager with on-the-fly partition detection[[BR]]
    6 With the introduction of newer Windows versions (Vista/7), that use a separate boot-partition,[[BR]]
    7 problems occured when using IBM Boot Manager, the default boot-manager supplied with eComStation.[[BR]]
    8 Also the introduction of huge harddisks (>502GiB) caused compatibility issues.
     6== Welcome ==
     7AirBoot is a track0 Boot Manager.[[BR]]
     8That means it is stored at the very start of the disk,[[BR]]
     9just after the Master Boot Record.[[BR]]
     11AirBoot is also an interactive Boot Manager,[[BR]]
     12which means it presents a list of Operating Systems in a menu[[BR]]
     13from which the user can select one to boot.[[BR]]
    10 While the v1.06 version of AiR-BOOT could almost be used as a replacement for the aging IBM-BM,[[BR]]
    11 a couple of things needed to be fixed.
     15== A Little History ==
     16AirBoot was initially designed and developed by Martin Kiewitz,[[BR]]
     17back at the time when LBA addressing was just becoming mainstream.[[BR]]
     18Over time, Martin continued to add features and fix reported problems,[[BR]]
     19which resulted in a stable and mature product.[[BR]]
     21When huge harddisks (>512 GiB) became more mainstream,[[BR]]
     22the OS/2 Boot Manager was not capable of correctly handling them.[[BR]]
     23After some investigation, it became clear that AirBoot would be a very[[BR]]
     24suitable candidate to replace the aging OS/2 Boot Manager,[[BR]]
     25but a few things needed to be fixed first.[[BR]]
     27Martin however, had moved on to other projects and was not[[BR]]
     28developing AirBoot anymore, but he kindly gave his permission to modify[[BR]]
     29AirBoot in any way required such that it could replace the OS/2 Boot Manager.[[BR]]
     30With the release of eComStation v2.1 (2011), AirBoot was ready to replace[[BR]]
     31the OS/2 Boot Manager and so it was included in that release.[[BR]]
     33It is safe to say that AirBoot saved the day at a time when[[BR]]
     34huge harddisks came along and the fight for primary partitions got worse.[[BR]]
     36'''Thank you Martin ! '''[[BR]]
    13 This was done upon the v1.06 code-base resulting in v1.07.[[BR]]
    14 With the release of eComStation v2.1, AiR-BOOT replaces IBM Boot Manager.
     38== Some AirBoot Highlights ==
     39=== No Primary Partition Required ===
     40Because AirBoot is written in (neat and compact) Assembler,[[BR]]
     41it is small enough to fit in the track0 (nowhereland) space.[[BR]]
     42So, unlike OS/2 Boot Manager, AirBoot does not require a primary partition,[[BR]]
     43resolving the problem that occured with Windows 7 OEM installations.[[BR]]
     44And since OS/2 has had long time capability of booting from logical partitions,[[BR]]
     45it could completely leave the dogfight for primaries.[[BR]]
    16 AiR-BOOT is in active development to enhance it's functionality and user experience.[[BR]]
    17 It's goal is to have all operating-systems, great-and-small, peacefully live together on your disks.
     47=== On The Fly Partition Scanning ===
     48When AirBoot starts it scans all partitions[[BR]]
     49on all disks and enumerates them in a list which is then presented.[[BR]]
     50Whenever partitions are added or removed,[[BR]]
     51at the next boot AirBoot presents these changes immediately.[[BR]]
     52=== Built-in Setup ===
     53AirBoot contains a Setup mode which allows[[BR]]
     54configuration directly from within AirBoot itself.[[BR]]
     55No other tools required.[[BR]]
     56=== Support For Huge Harddisks ===
     57Under OS/2, huge harddisks are handled by using a special geometry.[[BR]]
     58AirBoot understands this special geometry, allowing OS/2 to boot from[[BR]]
     59partitions located above the 512 GiB boundary.[[BR]]
     60=== Operating System Agnostic ===
     61While the major focus of AirBoot is booting OS/2,[[BR]]
     62it has always been capable of booting other operating-systems.[[BR]]
     63It supports booting many versions of Windows and booting Linux is[[BR]]
     64done by chainloading GRUB.[[BR]]
    19 == Downloads ==
     66== Before Using AirBoot ==
     67Before installing AirBoot,[[BR]]
     68it would be a good idea to learn a little bit more about it.[[BR]]
     69This is especially true with regard to partitioning harddisks the way[[BR]]
     70OS/2 likes it (use its volume manager) and the co-existance[[BR]]
     71with other operating-systems.[[BR]]
     73See the section below where[[BR]]
     74to download AirBoot or view its manual.[[BR]]
    21 The eComStation adapted versions can be downloaded here:[[BR]]
    22 [ AiR-BOOT versions for eComStation][[BR]]
     76== AirBoot Downloads ==
     78(bootloader, installers & manual)[[BR]]
     79''(** contact information is out-of-date **)''[[BR]]
    24 '''Please keep in mind that RC versions are not final releases so take the necessary precautions before using them.'''[[BR]]
    25 (Like making a backup of your MBR)[[BR]]
     83''(** contact information is out-of-date **)''[[BR]]
    27 == Support ==
     85=== Developer Notes ===
     86There exists a project clone at:[[BR]]
     88That project is *not* a fork of the original Netlabs project.[[BR]]
     89It is a *clone* done with {{{git-svn}}} with the purpose to be able[[BR]]
     90to use Git Branching for testing and feature additions.[[BR]]
     91The bi-directional mapping is:[[BR]]
     92{{{github:project~master}}} <-> {{{netlabs:project~trunk}}}[[BR]]
    29 AiR-BOOT is a [ Netlabs] project.
    30 The project URL is [wiki:/ "AiR-BOOT"]
    32 The maintainers monitor usual eComStation mailing lists and newsgroups.
    34 You must be logged into TRAC to create tickets.
    35 Please login with your [ Netlabs] login id.
    36 If you do not have a login id, you can request one at
    37 If you have troubles acquiring a [ Netlabs] login id send an e-mail to
    38 {{{
    39 #!html
    40 <a class="mail-link" href=""><span class="icon"> </span>Netlabs Community Mailing List (community at</a>
    41 }}}
    43 == License ==
    44 Air-boot is open source software under the GNU GPL V3+ license.
    46 == Problems ==
    47 If you encounter problems while using AiR-BOOT, please submit a ticket at the link below.[[BR]]
    48 (Be sure to state the version you are using)[[BR]]
    49 [][[BR]]
    50 For questions and / or suggestions you can e-mail to:[[BR]]
    52 == Original Author ==
    53 '''Martin Kiewitz'''[[BR]]
    54 The last version by the hand of Martin:[[BR]]
    55 [ AiR-BOOT v1.06 (2009/06/08)][[BR]][[BR]]
     94=== Reporting Problems ===
     95The preferred way is through Netlabs Track,[[BR]]
     96and you can create a new ticket using the following link:[[BR]]
     98(note: you need to be logged-in to netlabs to create a ticket)[[BR]]
     100But, before you report a new problem,[[BR]]
     101please check if the problem you are about to report[[BR]]
     102was not already reported by somebody else:[[BR]]