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#29 fixed AirBoot hangs with blank screen -- CAD works Ben Rietbroek Ben Rietbroek

[build:20161010 -- Reported on AN-testers:20170217:'ArcaOS 4.9.5 Air Boot']

I have a 16 GB USB stick, formatted by win 10, as FAT32 (no LVM information, naturally, and DFSEE says it is Large Floppy). If it is attached at boot time (an Asus M3A78-EM motherboard, which does have some issues with USB), the BIOS "sees" it. It is not bootable, so BIOS properly ignores it. Then, the screen turns black, flashes something, for about 1/4 second, and nothing else happens. This would seem to be Air Boot, which should also ignore it. I will note, that the old Air Boot (1.1.0), on my L530, causes a message that there is a HDD with a bad partition table, and it refuses to go further until I remove the stick (at least there is a clue that something is wrong). I can reboot, with CAD, so it isn't hung. DSFEE finds nothing wrong with it, and win 10 is perfectly happy with it. Even Lars' USB driver (USB215) is perfectly happy to use it, when I plug it in after booting. AN USB 11.14 says it isn't usable (FAT32, > 2 GB, without a partition, and LVM information).

#15 fixed AirBoot destroys logical partitions under certain conditions. Ben Rietbroek thobor

AirBoot? unable to show up when a USB harddisk (500gb) with more than one logical partition is attached at power up. Furthermore, if the disk has more than one logical partition, these partitions are destroyed after such an attempt to boot.

I have three usb harddisks at 500gb, set up with one, two, and three logical partitions respectively. When I power up my new machinery with one of those harddisks containing more than one logical partition attached right from the outset, the booting process stops before AirBoot? shows up, displaying the message: "Too many partitions found, AIR-BOOT is supporting up to 45". However, my system contains only 14 partitions, so there is a long way to the 45. The booting process is halted at this point, and the machinery must be turned off and restarted without the usb-harddisk attached. When looking afterwards at the external usb-harddisk in DFSee, the partitions that are following the first logical partition on the disk, have vanished and have been turned into 'bad sectors'.

When the single partitioned HD is attached at boot-up, or when a harddisk that is partitioned into a primary and only one logical partition, is attached in the same way from the very first power-up, the booting process goes smoothly and the usb-disk is left unharmed. When any of the disks is attached during the booting process - at some point after the appearance of AirBoot? - there is no halting of the process, and no harm done to the partitions.

#11 fixed Air-Boot v.1.1.0 hangs without displaying a menu Ben Rietbroek thomabrown

Trying to install eCS 2.2 Beta II to a new drive. Used DFSee to set geometry, create new mbr, and a JFS partition. At the end of phase 1, the reboot hung with the 4 lines of Air-boot v.1.1.0 text displayed, but no menu.

There is only one drive in the system at this point, a SATA 500 Gib Seagate ST500DM002.

Am going to try earlier versions of Air-Boot, v.1.0.7, and V.1.0.8.rc3.

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