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#10 fixed Boot error BlondeGuy

After some months of using AiR-BOOT v1.1.0, the system will no longer boot. The AiR-BOOT header comes up, but before displaying any disk partition information, the message is

Booting the system using SAVE ERROR!_

#9 invalid harddisc has not 63 sectors per track somebody Axel Wein


I wanted to partition an Advanced Format HDD with "geo ? 255 56" using DFSee. But if I try to install AIR-BOOT, I get the message "AiR-BOOT is unable to install. Your harddisc does not have at least 63 sectors per track". First attempt was with v 1.1.0, second with the original 1.06. So I think all versions are affected.

Best regards, Axel Wein

#6 fixed AB destroys active flag on all harddisks. Ben Rietbroek Allan

First time AB is used, it seems to delete active flags on all HD's in the system. This leaves all other HD's impossible to boot from BIOS.

As AB can only be installed to first HD, this is a nasty habbit. I need to be able to boot all my disks from BIOS.

BM never touched the active flags.

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