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#27 fixed Air-Boot seems to think that empty slots in a multi-card reader should have MBRs Ben Rietbroek gerry

Taking the simplest possible scenario:

  1. boot DFSee to wipe the start of the disk
  2. boot eCS installation disk to create a partition table
  3. re-boot eCS installation disk to create a single primary partition and then add Air-Boot
  4. boot from hard drive. Air-Boot says: "Your system has at least one broken partition table entry or your hardware contains bad sectors. System halted."

Instead of a diskette drives, I had the system builder insert a multi-card reader, which plugs into a USB header ... unplug it and, hey presto, everything works.

#28 invalid Airboot shows a dumpfs partition as a boot choice gyoung

This is an odd setup Airboot is installed on drive one and boot manager on drive 2 the dumpfs partition is on drive 2 not listed in boot manager. Airboot lists it as "Bigfat"

Airboot version:

Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001 (C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993-2001 Signature: @#KIEWITZ:1.1.0#@##1## 2013/04/05 01:01:00 ecs-devbox::E:: 0::@@AiR-BOOT Boot Manager Vendor: KIEWITZ Revision: 1.01.0 Date/Time?: 2013/04/05 01:01:00 Build Machine: ecs-devbox Language Code: E File Version: 1.1 Description: AiR-BOOT Boot Manager

#17 fixed Air-Boot failure message "Load Error!" when startup Ubuntu jwl

Good Afternoon,

On my PC I have installed on disk 1 Windows 7 and EcomStation? 2.2, I have a second disk for Archive, and now I installed a third disk 250GB, where I installed Ubuntu, this disk I have a Primary partition from 50 Gb (/) and a logical partition 186 (/home) end the rest for the swap file. I reinstalled with ecomstation air-boot but when I chose Linux i get the failure "Load Error! Iḿ still able to choose for W7 and Ecomstation. I can only start linux when I chose in the bios the disk with Linux to start up

I hope you can help, in the manual on page 28 I worked out the steps to replace Grub, also I repaired Grub then what was described on page 28 isn the solution for me. After that I had to reinstall Ubuntu.

Thanks already for suggestions

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