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#29 fixed AirBoot hangs with blank screen -- CAD works Ben Rietbroek Ben Rietbroek

[build:20161010 -- Reported on AN-testers:20170217:'ArcaOS 4.9.5 Air Boot']

I have a 16 GB USB stick, formatted by win 10, as FAT32 (no LVM information, naturally, and DFSEE says it is Large Floppy). If it is attached at boot time (an Asus M3A78-EM motherboard, which does have some issues with USB), the BIOS "sees" it. It is not bootable, so BIOS properly ignores it. Then, the screen turns black, flashes something, for about 1/4 second, and nothing else happens. This would seem to be Air Boot, which should also ignore it. I will note, that the old Air Boot (1.1.0), on my L530, causes a message that there is a HDD with a bad partition table, and it refuses to go further until I remove the stick (at least there is a clue that something is wrong). I can reboot, with CAD, so it isn't hung. DSFEE finds nothing wrong with it, and win 10 is perfectly happy with it. Even Lars' USB driver (USB215) is perfectly happy to use it, when I plug it in after booting. AN USB 11.14 says it isn't usable (FAT32, > 2 GB, without a partition, and LVM information).

#28 invalid Airboot shows a dumpfs partition as a boot choice gyoung

This is an odd setup Airboot is installed on drive one and boot manager on drive 2 the dumpfs partition is on drive 2 not listed in boot manager. Airboot lists it as "Bigfat"

Airboot version:

Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001 (C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993-2001 Signature: @#KIEWITZ:1.1.0#@##1## 2013/04/05 01:01:00 ecs-devbox::E:: 0::@@AiR-BOOT Boot Manager Vendor: KIEWITZ Revision: 1.01.0 Date/Time?: 2013/04/05 01:01:00 Build Machine: ecs-devbox Language Code: E File Version: 1.1 Description: AiR-BOOT Boot Manager

#27 fixed Air-Boot seems to think that empty slots in a multi-card reader should have MBRs Ben Rietbroek gerry

Taking the simplest possible scenario:

  1. boot DFSee to wipe the start of the disk
  2. boot eCS installation disk to create a partition table
  3. re-boot eCS installation disk to create a single primary partition and then add Air-Boot
  4. boot from hard drive. Air-Boot says: "Your system has at least one broken partition table entry or your hardware contains bad sectors. System halted."

Instead of a diskette drives, I had the system builder insert a multi-card reader, which plugs into a USB header ... unplug it and, hey presto, everything works.

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