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Welcome to the AGPGART driver project for eComStation and OS/2

The AGPGART (AGP Graphics Address Remapping Table) driver uses system memory to enhance the display of graphics by allowing graphics devices to use system memory as video buffers. It also turns on the extra AGP data transfer features are normally switched off when the devices are accessed. For a frame of reference, the Win9X implementation of this driver was VGARTD.VxD.

For more information about the AGP GART, read this article on wikipedia

The goal of this project is to implement an AGP GART driver for eComStation and OS/2. This driver will not be directly noticeable for most users and will only be utilized by sub-components of the graphics system.

Current Status

Development is in progress You may browser the source code repository to check the source code.

Latest Version

No binaries had been released yet.


  • Development is being led by Apollo Demetrious Sharpe


None so far.