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    4646Collect the data that applies to your issue and include it with the ticket.
     48=== Milestones and Versions ===
     50When entering tickets, you will be asked to provide a version and a
     53The [ TRAC documentation] defines
     54these terms as
     56 * Version - Version of the project that this ticket pertains to.
     57 * Milestone - When this issue should be resolved at the latest.
     59For new tickets, the version will default to current ACPI version (i.e.
     61If you are reporting for some other version, please override the default.
     62If you are opening the ticket for testcase release, please note the testcase
     63version in the ticket summmary.
     65The milestone will default to the next scheduled ACPI version release (i.e.
     68Genernally, once a ticket is opened, the version should not be changed.  If
     69the issue is not resolved, the milestone will be changed to reflect when the
     70ticket is expected to be resolved.
     72Tickets will be closed as resolved when the reported issue is fully
     74A ticket is considered resolved when the reporter states that the
     75issue no longer occurs.
     77If a ticket can not be not resolved for the current version, the ticket will
     78left open and the milestone will changed.
     80When an issue is corrected by code changes, it is recommended that ticket is
     81updated to show the Subversion changeset number.
    4885== Mailing List ==