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     3= Welcome to the ACPI Project on Netlabs =
     5This is the development and support home for ACPI Project.
     7This page is in v0.0.0 format.
     8Many of the links on this page do not yet go anywhere useful.
     9This will get better over time.
     11The current ACPI driver release is version 3.9.
     13= Users =
     15The [ ACPI FAQ] contains answers to your questions.
     17See [UserGuide Getting the most from ACPI] for hints from the power users.
     19The [ ACPI Tools] page contains a wealth of information an links.
     21The [ACPI_CompatibilityMatrix ACPI Compatibility Matrix] is the place to go to check if your motherboard or system is already supported by the ACPI driver.
     23== Binaries ==
     25New releases and testcase builds are available from the eComStation !BetaZone.
     26Log in to [ Mensys] with your Mensys login id and click the Downloads link.
     27Click the "Software Subscription Services for eComStation" Download link and the ACPI drivers should be listed.
     29You can access the !BetaZone from your [ eComStation] login, but the ACPI download may not appear
     31New releases are announced on the mailing list and elsewhere.
     33= Developers =
     35== Getting the sources ==
     37In addition to [../browser browsing] the sources here, you can check out the
     38[/repos/acpi sources]
     39with your favorite subversion client.
     41Keep in mind that, unlike [ cvs], tags and branches are
     42ordinary directories in subversion.
     43With the typical subversion respository layout, it is
     44rather easy to checkout more than you
     45probably intend to.  To pull just the trunk version, use something like
     48mkdir acpi_workspace
     49cd acpi_workspace
     50svn checkout trunk
     53To update your workspace with the current repository content, use
     56cd acpi_workspace\trunk
     57svn update
     60Driver developers that wish to make their drivers ACPI compliant will find the
     61[ ACPI toolkit] useful.
     63== Building ==
     65  [wiki:DevelopersFAQ ACPI Developers FAQ][[BR]]
     67  [wiki:BuildingFm2 Building the ACPI Drivers][[BR]]
     69== About ACPI ==
     71== Support ==
     73As you might have suspected, ACPI is a Netlabs project.  The project URL is [wiki:/ ACPI]
     75The support mailing list is at [ ACPI Mailing List]
     77To subscribe to then mailing list send a message to [ Subscribe to ACPI Mailing List]. The subject and body can be empty. You will receive a response which you must reply to to complete the process.
     79These lists are [ EzMLM] mailing lists.  If you need help subscribing, see [ Netlabs Mailing Lists].
     81You must be logged into TRAC to create tickets. Please login with user 'guest' and password 'netlabs' if you don't have personal login id.  It is recommended that you request a personal login id on the [ Netlabs Community Mailing List].
     83If you use the guest login, please put your name somewhere in the ticket description.  This makes it easier to correlate tickets and mailing list threads.
     85= Credits =
     87 * Pavel (pasha) Shtemenko
     89If we forgot anyone, please let us know.  It was unintentional.
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