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    1616The version will default to the current ACPI version. As of 2/9/2009, this is ACPI version 3.14. If you are reporting an issue for some other ACPI release, please override the default with the correct version.
    18 The default values are defined by the ACPI project manager.
     18The component will default to ACPI.PSD.  If you know your ticket applies to some other component, select it from the drop down list.
     20We use a set of standard keywords to organize tickets
     22 * Booting
     23 * Shutdown
     24 * Suspend
     25 * Resume
     26 * SMP
     27 * APIC
     28 * APM
     29 * Battery
     30 * Heat
     31 * ACPIDaemon
     32 * ACPICA
     33 * VPIC
     34 * AMD
     36If any of these apply to your ticket, enter them in the keyword field.
     37Otherwise leave the field blank.
    2039A well written ticket will contain sufficient information so that the
    2443will help you understand how to make this happen.
    2647=== Responding to Tickets assigned to the Feedback Milestone ===
    3152This will ensure that the developers are aware that you have responded.
    33 If you forget to reassign the ticket, there may be a delay until the developers realizes you have responded.
     54'''If you forget to reassign the ticket to the current milestone, there may be a delay until the developers realizes you have responded.'''
    3455Developers must give priority to tickets assigned the the current milestone and may or may not notice your response if you neglect to reassign the ticket to the current milestone.
    114135dispose of these tickets.
     137The current procedure is to resolve the tickets with status unknown after two months without a response.
     139=== What to do after a New Release ===
     141 * Close the current milestone
     142 * Set the new default milestone
     143 * Add a future milestone to follow the default milestone
     144 * Set the date of the Feedback Pending milestone to fall between the default milestone and the future milestone.
     145 * Add an entry for the the released version and make it th ethe default version
     147We want reports sorted by miles to show the current milestone followed by the Feedback Pending milestone since these are typically the the milestones we want to look at.