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    1101104. Boot the system under test. When it stops take a picture of the screen and attach the picture to your ticket.
     112= Internal Processing Errors (IPE) =
     114One of the changes made to the PSD that is different from versions prior to 3.19.14 is that the PSD now checks for certain unsupported things and reports a failure back to the kernel. This provides for a more graceful, more reliable, and more informative failure.  Previous PSDs blindly continued on and would eventually fail in more obscure, usually non-traceable ways. The kernel's method of reporting such failures is the Internal Processing Error (IPE).  If you see an Internal Processing Error with the code 60004, 6009, this is the PSD reporting that it found something it couldn't handle. Unfortunately, because this part of the PSD executes so early in the boot process, there is not really a better way of informing the user of what the problem was. If your system has a serial port, you could install the debug version of the PSD, enable output to the serial port and the specific failure will be shown. Otherwise, this is a list of the possible reasons why the PSD might report a failure back to the kernel:
     115 - A failure to allocate required memory. A memory error, for example.
     116 - A bad return code from any of the ACPI initialization routines. A bad return code usually means that the ACPI on your machine is defective.
     117 - A failure to map any the APICS.  This would be caused by a bad ACPI on our machine.
     118 - A failure to initialize any of the APICS.  This would be cause by bad hardware.
     119 - An unsupported kernel is detected, or if any of the patches to the kernel fail,
     120 - An interrupt number specified by ACPI is higher than the maximum supported number.