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    2828== Suspend / Resume ==
    29 Suspend / Resume is currently an unsupported feature.  Suspend / Resume only works on a very small number of systems. If Suspend / Resume works for you, consider yourself among the few lucky ones.  If it does not work for you, please wait for more progress to be made and try a later version.  Please do not report problems with Suspend / Resume at this time. Any tickets regarding suspend / resume will not be addressed until suspend / resume becomes a supported feature.
     29Suspend and Resume should work **if** all of your device drivers properly support suspend and resume, **and** your system's ACPI and your system's BIOS properly implement the S3 sleep state and can wake up from it. Current experience shows that this is only true for about 20% of systems. If you want to try suspend and resume **read the suspend and resume section of the documentation first**. If suspend and resume doesn't work on your system, first make sure you have the latest versions of all your device drivers. If it still won't suspend or resume, try removing questionable drivers until you find the one causing the problem. If you can't find a driver that is causing the problem, your system may not be able to do an ACPI driven suspend and resume. If you find a **specific** problem that you can identify (including a specific driver you know is causing a problem), please open a ticket. There are no logs that can help debug suspend and resume problems so we are unable to provide assistance for "it doesn't work" type of tickets.
    3131== JFS boot disks ==
    8080If acpistat poweroff successfully powers off your system, then there is nothing wrong with any of the ACPI software. Do not report this as a problem with ACPI. Instead report the problem to the appropriate place for your shutdown utility (xworkplace, for example).
    82 == Immediate suspend due to misbehaving SLPB device ==
     82== Immediate suspend due to misbehaving SLPB (sleep button) device ==
    8484Some systems enter suspend immediately after !AcpiDaemon is started. This is due to a misbehaving SLPB device which generates repeating suspend requests.