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    1212Suspend / Resume only works on a very small number of systems. If Suspend / Resume works for you, consider yourself among the few lucky ones.  If it does not work for you, please wait for more progress to be made and try a later version.  Please do not report problems with Suspend / Resume at this time.
    14 == Slow booting from a JFS boot disk ==
     14== JFS boot disks ==
    1616Starting with version 3.20.01, a significant defect was fixed that affects many things including the way the system operates during the early part of the boot process. A peculiarity in the way the JFS boot loader works makes booting from JFS disks much slower.  We are investigating a way to correct this problem. If you have a JFS boot disk and experience this slowness, you can use the /VW switch as a workaround until a fix is found for booting from JFS disks. Booting from HPFS disks is not significantly affected. Other ways to speed up the boot process are:
    1818 * Do not use the ALT-F2 function or the ALT-F4 function.
    1919 * Don't load basedevs that you don't need. (Possible examples: PRINT01.SYS, IBM1FLPY.SYS, APM.ADD)
     21There is also the possibility that booting from a JFS boot disk may fail completely, or that certain other devices (such as the keyboard or mouse) may malfunction.
    2123== Spurious interrupts with certain motherboards which use an NVIDIA chipset ==