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    5555The iasl -g command also writes a few files to the current directory which are unneeded and you can delete them.
    57 == Slight increase in boot time ==
     57== Slow booting from a JFS boot disk ==
    59 Starting with version 3.20.01, a defect was fixed that made the PSD compatible with an even larger number of vendor's ACPI. Correcting this defect may have increased the boot time by a few seconds on some systems. This increase in boot time is not a PSD defect. It is just the way that some vendor's ACPI operate (typically BIOS from Award) when switching interrupt modes. The OS/2 kernel uses the BIOS to load the basedev drivers, In order for this to work in Mode 2, the PSD must tell the BIOS to switch interrupt modes and reassign certain interrupts each time the Kernel calls the BIOS. Most BIOS do this very quickly. A few take a bit longer to make the switch. It is extremely unlikely that anything can be done about this slight increase in boot time compared to older PSDs. Again, this slight increase in boot time is not a PSD defect. It was the older PSDs that had the defect and that defect is now fixed. If the increase in boot time bothers you, your only solution is to run your system with the /VW switch which does not require the interrupt mode switching.
     59Starting with version 3.20.01, a significant defect was fixed that affects the way the system operates during the early part of the boot process. A peculiarity in the way the JFS boot loader works makes booting from JFS disks much slower.  We are investigating a way to correct this problem. If you have a JFS boot disk and experience this slowness, you can use the /VW switch as a workaround until a fix is found for booting from JFS disks. Booting from HPFS disks is not significantly affected. Other ways to speed up the boot process are:
     60 * Make sure you are using the retail version of the PSD.
     61 * Do not use the ALT-F2 function.
     62 * Don't load basedevs that you don't need. (Possible examples: PRINT01.SYS, IBM1FLPY.SYS, APM.ADD)
    6164== Immediate suspend due to misbehaving SLPB device ==