Feb 3, 2010:

10:39 PM Changeset [235] by pasha
add RS500
3:35 AM Changeset [234] by pasha
rebuild switch to IO APIC from 1st DevInitComplete?

Feb 2, 2010:

3:03 AM Changeset [233] by stevenhl
Remove text requiring permission to add data to hardware database.

Jan 5, 2010:

6:10 PM Ticket #473 (Logs for ACPI318FULL and ACPI318ND) created by hanno
... just for information.

Dec 29, 2009:

6:08 PM Ticket #472 (318ND and nForce430 chipset) created by losepete
I applied 318ND files over previous acpi318 files on an eCS2.0RC7 …

Dec 28, 2009:

12:30 AM Ticket #398 (Boot with ACPI is unstable) closed by erdmann
fixed: This ticket can be closed as the issues with hang on bootup as far as …

Dec 26, 2009:

12:16 PM Changeset [232] by pasha
Fix vector assigned

Dec 25, 2009:

7:47 PM Ticket #471 (return values for GetCS, GetSS not correctly set) closed by erdmann
wontfix: Since the original code is ok for P6 and Pentium 4 processors and …
5:29 PM Ticket #471 (return values for GetCS, GetSS not correctly set) created by erdmann
src\acpi\Drvlib\misc.asm: routine "GetCS" around line 69: …

Dec 22, 2009:

12:00 AM Milestone Release version 3.17 completed

Dec 21, 2009:

8:57 PM Changeset [231] by stevenhl
Add Multiprocessor Specification
8:45 PM Changeset [230] by stevenhl
Add ioapic spec update
6:28 PM Changeset [229] by pasha
add docs, battle with #466
9:22 AM Ticket #470 (Suggest to import flat DS selector instead of computing it) created by erdmann
I just tried my suggestion to import the values from FlatCS and FlatDS …

Dec 20, 2009:

8:33 AM Ticket #469 (Incorrect IDT replacement in ACPI.PSD) created by erdmann
src\acpi\psd\psd.c, routine "PSD_SET_ADV_INT_MODE", around line …

Dec 15, 2009:

3:20 PM Ticket #468 (ACPI does not check switches...) created by ecsnl
See if its possible to create a method the user is informed that when …
1:56 PM Changeset [228] by pasha
fix embedded controller

Dec 14, 2009:

8:03 PM Ticket #467 (acpi318FULL and nForce430 chipset) created by losepete
Installed the above acpi update and rebooted. NOTE: The reboot only …
5:25 AM Changeset [227] by pasha
PSDSTI absent, fix from Lars Erdmann

Dec 10, 2009:

3:22 PM Ticket #466 (ACPI 3.18 full hangs on loading UNIAUD driver at end of loading all ...) created by ecsnl
Oke I tested ACPI318FULL.ZIP. I still had your build of your uniaud …
8:58 AM Changeset [226] by pasha
remove /R from .ipf, because Reset is go if it is present.
8:50 AM Changeset [225] by pasha
- Fix LAPIC Error register reset - Fix event repeat for API - Add …

Dec 4, 2009:

6:41 PM Ticket #386 (ALiveDual-eSATA2 (AsRock) forces a reboot before starting the WPS) closed by rbri
fixed: APCI318 seems to solve this problem. And it is the first version …

Nov 27, 2009:

9:07 AM Ticket #465 (2 ACPI-Logs (APCI318APIC)/Fujitsu-Siemens ESPRIMO) created by hanno
APCI318APIC: works so far (better stability than last releases) on FSC …

Nov 23, 2009:

1:44 AM Ticket #464 (ACPI318APIC.ZIP files + os4 kernel) created by losepete
The config.sys file in use does not contain any USB drivers and uses …

Nov 19, 2009:

8:51 PM Ticket #463 (Maybe outdated docu for /!NOD switch) created by rbri
The doc (inf file) says about the /!NOD switch Disable internal …

Nov 15, 2009:

5:49 PM Ticket #462 (APIC mode and SBLive16.sys do not working) created by ivaskov
Driver SBLive16.sys not detected hardware if interrupt is 16. In PIC …

Nov 13, 2009:

12:50 AM Ticket #461 (acpi20091108 and nForce430 chipset report) created by losepete
Having read the response to http://svn.netlabs.org/acpi/ticket/460 I …

Nov 10, 2009:

6:56 PM Ticket #395 (Core 2 Quad computer boots again after Power Off) closed by stevenhl

Nov 9, 2009:

1:21 AM Ticket #460 (318FB and nForce430 chipset report) created by losepete
I applied ACPI318FB to an eCS2.0RC7 system. With the config.sys line …
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