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Trap 14 in latest build

2                                  OS/2
3          (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1987, 2001.  All rights reserved.
4  US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure
5            restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
6Internal revision 14.104a_SMP
7Symbols linked (acpi)
9PSD_install options:" /SMP /O1" @#netlabs dot org:3.6#@ACPI core PSD Driver. (c)
10 netlabs.org 2005-2008 Build date: Jan 26 2008 01:04:20
11MPDATA:FF800000 ESP:FF800A70 Sel:1520 UsCPU:0
12New Stack = FFE50000 Size:0x8000
14AcpiOsInitialize ALLOC size 65536 at 0xF92A0000
15AcpiOsInitialize MapMem size 4096 at 0xFFE89000
16AcpiOsCreateLock 8
17AcpiOsCreateLock 0
18AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_REV"
19AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_OS_"
20AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: override to eComStation
21AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_GL_"
22AcpiOsCreateSemaphore: O.K. Handle=0xF92A03F8 M:1 I:0
23AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_OSI"
24AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: override to eCS
25*** AcpiInitializeSubsystem Status = 0 ***
26ACPI: RSDP @ 0xF8500/0x14 (v0 ACPIAM)
27ACPI: RSDT @ 0xDFFE0000/0x38 (v1 A M I  7520JR22 0x9000629 MSFT 0x97)
28ACPI: FACP @ 0xDFFE0200/0x84 (v2 A M I  OEMFACP  0x9000629 MSFT 0x97)
29ACPI: DSDT @ 0xDFFE04F0/0x4950 (v1 SJR2A SJR2A092 0x92 INTL 0x2002026)
30ACPI: FACS @ 0xDFFEF000/0x40
31ACPI: APIC @ 0xDFFE0390/0xB0 (v1 A M I  OEMAPIC  0x9000629 MSFT 0x97)
32ACPI: SPCR @ 0xDFFE0460/0x50 (v1 A M I  OEMSPCR  0x9000629 MSFT 0x97)
33ACPI: MCFG @ 0xDFFE04B0/0x3C (v1 A M I  OEMMCFG  0x9000629 MSFT 0x97)
34ACPI: OEMB @ 0xDFFEF040/0x40 (v1 A M I  AMI_OEM  0x9000629 MSFT 0x97)
35*** AcpiInitializeTables Status = 0 ***
36AcpiOsTableOverride Ex:FFE2B4F0 New:FFE4FFAC SIG:[DSDT]
37tbxface-619 [2] TbLoadNamespace: ACPI Tables successfully acquired
38*** AcpiLoadTables Status = 0 ***
39Table [DSDT]
40Table [FACS]
41Table [FACP]
42Table [APIC]
43Local APIC address: FEE00000h
44System also has 8259
45APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 1h LocalApicID 0h - usable
46APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 2h LocalApicID 6h - usable
47APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 3h LocalApicID 82h - not usable
48APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 4h LocalApicID 83h - not usable
49APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 5h LocalApicID 84h - not usable
50APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 6h LocalApicID 85h - not usable
51APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 7h LocalApicID 86h - not usable
52APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 8h LocalApicID 87h - not usable
53APIC_IO: IO ApicID 7h addr FEC00000h INTI 0
54APIC_IO: IO ApicID 8h addr FEC80000h INTI 24
55APIC_IO: IO ApicID 9h addr FEC80400h INTI 48
56APIC_XRUPT_OVERRIDE: Bus: 0h Source 0 Global SysInt 2 - Polarity active: Bus spe
57c Trigger by: Bus spec
58APIC_XRUPT_OVERRIDE: Bus: 0h Source 9 Global SysInt 9 - Polarity active: High 0
59Trigger by: Level
60APIC_LOCAL_NMI: ProcID 1h LINT1 - Polarity active: Bus spec Trigger by: Bus spec
61APIC_LOCAL_NMI: ProcID 2h LINT1 - Polarity active: Bus spec Trigger by: Bus spec
62Table [SPCR]
63Table [MCFG]
64Table [OEMB]
65Size of FACDT 244
66Type of computer - Unspecified
67System vector the SCI interrupt is wired to in 8259 mode. 9
68System port address of the SMI Command Port 0xB2
69The value to write to SMI_CMD to disable SMI   0xE1
70The value to write to SMI_CMD to re-enable SMI 0x1E
71The value to write to SMI_CMD to enter the S4BIOS state 0x0
72The value OSPM writes to the SMI_CMD register to assume processor performance st
73ate control responsibility. 0xE2
74System port address of the PM1a Event Register Block 400
75System port address of the PM1b Event Register Block 0
76Number of bytes decoded by PM1a_EVT_BLK(PM1_EVT_LEN) 4
77System port address of the PM1a Control Register Block 404
78System port address of the PM1b Control Register Block 0
79Number of bytes decoded by PM1a_CNT_BLK (PM1_CNT_LEN) 2
80System port address of the PM2 Control Register Block 0
81System port address of the Power Management Timer Control Register Block 408
82Number of bytes decoded by PM_TMR_BLK (=4) 4
83System port address of General-Purpose Event 0 Register Block 428
84System port address of General-Purpose Event 1 Register Block 0
85Number of bytes decoded by GPE0_BLK 0x8
86Number of bytes decoded by GPE1_BLK 0x0
87Offset within the ACPI general-purpose event model where GPE1 based events start
88 0
89GPE enable register: 0: 0: 0: 0
90GPE status register: 0: 0: 7C: 8E
91The value OSPM writes to the SMI_CMD register to indicate OS support for the _CS
92T object and C States Changed notification 0xE3
93The system does not support a C2 state. 65
94The system does not support a C3 state 3E9
95The zero-based index of where the processor's duty cycle setting is within the p
96rocessor's P_CNT register 1
97The bit width of the processor's duty cycle setting value in the P_CNT register
99The RTC CMOS RAM index to the day-of-month alarm value 13
100The RTC CMOS RAM index to the century of data value (hundred and thousand year d
101ecimals) 50
102IA-PC Boot Architecture Flags 0x3
103Fixed feature flags A5
104The reset register:
105Type of address space - System I/O
106Register Bit Width  8
107Register Bit Offset 0
108Access size 0
109Address 3321
110The value to write to the RESET_REG port to reset the system 6
111***** Throttl Width 3 Offset 1
112evxfevnt-176 [2] Enable: Transition to ACPI mode successful
113evgpeblk-1105 [4] EvCreateGpeBlock: GPE 0 to 1F [_GPE] 4 regs on int 0x9
114AcpiOsInstallIntterrupHandler IRQ9 handler F92EE00D
115evgpeblk-1205 [3] EvInitializeGpeBlock: Found 9 Wake, Enabled 0 Runtime GPEs in
116this block
117************ AcpiEnableSubsystem Status = 0
118AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[IROR],) Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun
120************ Scan EC Status = 0
121Completing Region/Field/Buffer/Package initialization:..........................
124Initialized 22/26 Regions 26/26 Fields 36/36 Buffers 28/30 Packages (662 nodes)
125Initializing Device/Processor/Thermal objects by executing _INI methods:
126Executed 0 _INI methods requiring 0 _STA executions (examined 64 objects)
127************ AcpiInitializeObjects mask:0 Status = 0
128Processor [CPU1]
129Processor [CPU2]
130Processor [CPU3]
131Processor [CPU4]
132Processor [CPU5]
133Processor [CPU6]
134Processor [CPU7]
135Processor [CPU8]
136Status 0x0 0
137************ AcpiInstallNotifyHandler System Status = 0
138************ AcpiInstallNotifyHandler Device Status = 0
140Init ACPI rc=0
141APIC0 phys FEC00000 lin: FFE47000 APIC ID 7000000 (178020) Ver 20 MaxIO entry 0x
14217 (178020) Arbitration ID 0 set to (178020) 0 Id  (7000000) 7
143Set 24 lines from IRQ0
144APIC1 phys FEC80000 lin: FFE46000 APIC ID 8000000 (178020) Ver 20 MaxIO entry 0x
14517 (8000000) Arbitration ID 8 set to (8000000) 8 Id  (8000000) 8
146Set 24 lines from IRQ24
147APIC2 phys FEC80400 lin: FFE46400 APIC ID 9000000 (178020) Ver 20 MaxIO entry 0x
14817 (9000000) Arbitration ID 9 set to (9000000) 9 Id  (9000000) 9
149Set 24 lines from IRQ48
150Trap 14 (0EH) - Page Fault 0002, Not Present, Write Access, Supervisor
151eax=00000020 ebx=00000000 ecx=00000040 edx=00000018 esi=00000047 edi=00000002
152eip=f92ca409 esp=ffe4ffa8 ebp=ffe4ffc4 iopl=0 rf -- -- nv up di pl nz na po nc
153cs=0178 ss=1520 ds=0170 es=0170 fs=0108 gs=0000 cr2=00000000 cr3=00225000 p=00
1540178:f92ca409 890b           mov       dword ptr [ebx],ecx  ds:00000000=invalid
1550178:f92ca1b9 acpi:CODE32:SetupIOAPIC + 250
1560178:f92ca4d1 AcpiSetAPIC - c8